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How are liquidity providers incentivized?

Every Carrot token transfer %5 token will be burn and 2.5% of all transfers are forever locked into liquidity, 2.5% are distributed to liquidity providers. You don't need stake LP tokens to get rewarded also meanwhile you will able to get %0.3 trading fee earning on Uniswap trades.

You don't need to stake Uniswap V2 (UNI-V2) tokens on https://carrotswap.org/ to accrue rewards

CARROT Token Liquidity Mining just available on Uniswap. Balancer or 1Inch LP mining will be creatable by DAO.

Contributing CARROT Liquidity

1- Click on ‘’+Add ’’

2- Input your contribution amount to the Uniswap LP. Click on approve CARROT, to approve the transaction of your selected token (CARROT) between Metamask and Uniswap.

If you wish to create other pairs for CARROT (for example CARROT/UNI or CARROT/USDT), you can select a different token instead of Ethereum.

3- Set transaction fee and confirm the transaction.

It is recommended to click on ‘’edit’’ and select ‘’fastest’’.

4- Set the amount of the selected tokens you wish to contribute to the Uniswap CARROT-ETH LP, in this case 4135 CARROT is being pegged to 1 ETH based on current price, and click ‘’supply’’ to proceed.

After the transaction has been processed you shall receive a confirmation of your contribution. Congratulations! You have contributed liquidity into the CARROT-ETH Uniswap LP! In return for the liquidity, you receive UNI-V2 tokens which represent the liquidity you contributed. You can check Etherscan for the contract addresses for these UNI-V2 tokens.

These UNI-V2 tokens represent your share of the liquidity in the liquidity pool and are necessery to access and withdraw your liquidity. It is your receipt/proof of your liquidity, do not send these tokens to other wallets except for your own wallets. Store it safely!

All transaction created based on https://test.carrotswap.org/ . Prices CARROT/ETH pair are only valid on testnet. Everyone can be try our Test App in Goerli Network.

Distribute CARROT Reward to Liquidity Providers

Press the BUNNYCORN or DISTURUBITE LP REWARD button automatically distribute rewards to all liquidity providers

After the transaction has been processed distributable CARROT tokens will be sent CarrotSwap Contract address to CARROT-UNI-V2 pair address.

This guide also applies to mobile devices