💰How to BUY ?

First of all you can connect our app with Metamask or Dapp Browser (like Trust Wallet ,Coinbase Wallet)

Click here to learn how to use matemask or dapp wallet.

Enter the ETH amount how much you want to contribute in the BUY TOKENS section. The current price is shown above.

Max Ethereum contribute per Account is 5 ETH

When your transaction will be confirmed you can able to withdraw to CARROT tokens. The amount you have purchased is automatically displayed on withdrawable tokens.You have to withdraw before the crowdsale ends.

Shown pending transaction when you buy.
After transaction is confirmed you can track here.

You can track on your transaction on Carrotswap. Our app is live listen in EVM(Ethereum Virtual Machine).

Total ETH contributions shown in the progress bar

Thanks for joining CarrotSwap Crowdsale. Everything starts from now...

You can stake here your CARROT or adding liquidity for LP farming.