Our staking pool APY is %395 and constant. 10,000,000 CARROT token is mint for staking pool. Future pool is create avaible with DAO. Community can create proposal for pools and vote it https://vote.carrotswap.org or https://gov.carrotswap.org

CARROT staking contract is deployed at https://etherscan.io/address/0xaf651eacd440f410bcc4539b7eb57219555b8b17


Before start staking you should APPROVE and Allow to spend your CARROT Token our stake contract.

You cannot deposit CARROT Token before doing APPROVE.

Deposit CARROT Tokens

After Approving you can deposit CARROT tokens for staking. Carrot balance will appear My Balance section. Enter the amaount of want to skaking CARROT tokens or use max button to deposit all CARROT balances.


Click at the top right of the screen wallet and pendings to see your transaction.

For each Deposit CARROT %5 tokens will burn and %1 tokens for developer fee.

Withdraw CARROT Tokens

After you staked CARROT tokens your deposit balance shown in Stake Balance tab.

For each Withdraw CARROT %5 tokens will burn and %0.5 tokens for developer fee.


If your staked balances higher than zero , APR (Annual percentage rate) tabs indicate incomes CARROT yearly , weekly and daily.

Pending Balance

Track your pending CARROT balance you can claim it anytime you want if higher than zero.