🔐Staking Pool

CARROT Token Staking Pool

The CARROT Staking Pool is a community-developed staking pool for CARROT token holders. All CARROT token holders can stake their tokens and earn up to 7.57% interest WEEKLY (APW) until all CARROT tokens reserved for CARROT Staking Pool are distributed.

How do you start staking with CARROT?

  • The easiest way to get CARROT is to buy directly on Crowdsale now or on CarrotSwap — a decentralized trading platform or so called DEX launched by CarrotSwap contributors.

  • Then, connecting a "Metamask" wallet holding your CARROT tokens on to stake your tokens (see Stake CARROT section).

  • After you’ve successfully staked your CARROT tokens in staking Pool , you’ll earn up to 7.57% interest weekly (APW) in CARROT token until all tokens dedicated to staking are distributed.

How are the STAKE rewards distributed?

Rewards are distributed on a Smart Contract. First Staking Pool APY is %395 and treasury minted 10 million Carrot tokens (Future pool can create by DAO and APY rate also change) . If you want claim your staking reward just claim it on Carrotswap. There is no altlimit for claim.