• CarrotSwap - Governance token

    • Right to vote

    • Right to receive a portion of CARROT ecosystem's profits

  • Total Supply: 10,000,00 (StakePool) + 250,000(Airdrop) + Crowdsale Sold Tokens

    • Crowdsale: Start from 28/12/2020 and take 35 days.

    • Burnable: %5 tokens are burn every transfers. 2.5% of all carrot transfers are forever locked into liquidity. 2.5% are distributed to liquidity providers.

  • Where to buy?

    • Now just on Crowdsale (After Crowdsale ends Carrot will be listing on major exchanges)

    • CarrotSwap Exchange (On develop)

  • Contract address: 0xa08dE8f020644DCcd0071b3469b45B08De41C38b Etherscan explorer: https://etherscan.io/address/0xa08de8f020644dccd0071b3469b45b08de41c38b#code ERC-20 Contract status: Contract Source Code Verified based on OpenZeppelin Standard.

Warning: be careful about scam or fake CARROT tokens. Be always sure that the CarrotSwap token (CARROT) you're buying or using is the one related to this smart contract address.

Token Distribution

For future pools CARROT token holders can be create contract and vote by DAO.